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  • Japanese courtesy

    The word "hospitality" is very famous because the Tokyo Olympics was decided in 2020.
    It was
    So what does "hospitality" mean "hospitality"?
    In order to understand the "heart of hospitality", you have to understand the "heart of Japanese people" that is the root of Japanese culture.
    It will not be.
    And it's important to know the unique manners of Japanese people.

    In the process of establishing Japanese culture, Japanese people were farming people, so living together with nature
    There is a background that I was doing. Technology of rice cultivation transmitted from the continent is from Fukuoka (Kitakyushu) to West Japan
    Rice farming is said to have spread, but rice farming calls a village, and a ruler is born from the village, and the rulers
    Gradually confront and fight.
    Under such circumstances, the organization has progressed to be stratified by identity and by establishing rules to be
    An idea was created to try to facilitate social life while regulating oneself.
    Japanese etiquette was needed and built in this process.

    That is, by repeating the opportunity to be required to control oneself,
    A kind of action standard was born, "Can a favorable relationship be maintained?"

    And, aesthetic and moral standards are added to the standards, and courtesy is a major area of ​​Japanese culture.
    Went to be organized.

    The Japanese etiquette has the word "by time".
    "Timely" means that action according to the time, place and situation is important.
    In order to act in a timely manner, you can not do without knowing the reason for etiquette.
    Once you understand the reason, you will be able to take natural action based on the correct judgment.

    I would like to introduce the reason for such Japanese etiquette.

  • God of the toilet

    In Japan, about 10 years ago the song "The God of the Toilet" was a big hit.
    There are many people who thought that it was a mysterious title, but there is a god of restroom in Japan and there are shrines that festivals it.
    Always clean the toilet and raise the lamp. Set a small godshelle in the toilet. There are customs related to various toilets, such as providing flowers and drinks when you get sick.
    A representative of a famous company called Konosuke Matsushita (Panasonic) says that "When I was young I cleaned the toilet every day, there were quite a lot of things I got."
    And say that in many companies, "Let's always wash your hands."
    It is a place that is not always a place to stay, so actively cleaning allows you to create teamwork without being concerned only with things before your eyes.
    And those who can act naturally so that the surroundings are clean always are considered to be rich people.

  • About the four seasons in Japan

    It is said that the country where the four seasons are clear is rare as in Japan.
    Thanks to the four seasons, various agricultural crops (rice, vegetables, fruits) are harvested, various trees and flowers grow and various types of fish come to the sea surrounding Japan.
    Thanks to the four seasons, I have received many benefits.

    However, on the other hand, during the seasons, big weather changes such as "rainy season" and "typhoon" will occur. Changes in weather lead to major disasters.
    Predecessors cherished the heart that I am awed and appreciate in my daily life against the benefits and threats of such nature.

    The Japanese thought that the soul lived in the things of nature and thought that there was enormous power not seen.
    And a mind to worship everything was born.

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